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Thomas C. Merriman, Ed.D., F.A.P.A.
Social Skills Therapist: Child, Adolescent & Adult

Stokan Jaggers & Associates
Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatry
Counseling - Behavior Therapy

P: 281.394.2005                                        23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd.
C: 713.935.6693                                                            Suite G270
F: 281.394.5581                                       LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch


Thomas C. Merriman, Ed.D., F.A.P.A.
Social Skills Therapist: Child, Adolescent & Adult

Lifetrek Psychological and Academic Solutions

P 832.328.0008                        11104 West Airport Blvd.
C 713.935.6693                                              Suite 135
F 832.328.1635                                          Stafford, TX

The information above indicates my new affiliations. I have been honored to join the Stokan Jaggers team as an associate, and continue my work under the Lifetrek banner. These are fortunate and exciting times for me, working alongside the most professional and effective individuals I have ever been privileged to know, but they come at a very dear price.

Sadly, after a seven year run, devoted to providing the highest quality and devoted care to our clients, The Phaedrus Group is closing on 10 February 2014. But the staff and services we have provided are still available to families. More on these options will soon appear on this site, or you can contact any of the staff personally at their numbers listed on the STAFF PAGE. My direct line is: 713.935.6693

 Some SOCIAL SKILLS DEFICITS: Does not Make and Maintain Meaningful Friendships - Demonstrates Railroad Track Thinking - Values Toys over Relationships - Rolls out of the Group - Hyper-focused on Rules - Hyper-focused on Winning - Can't Bear to Lose - Avoids Competitive Games - Over-sensitive to Perceived Criticism - Tantrums Easily - Anxious in Social Settings - Perseverates on Favorite Topic - Liable to be Mean, Critical, or Bossy - Believes others are Generally Against Him - Lacks Social Wonder about Others - Seems Driven by a Motor - Impulsive - Does not Initiate Play - Twists Topics in Conversation - Blurts - Bullies or is Bullied.
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